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 Marinefish.50.fwCatch up the maritime market

The needs to optimize, control and communicate with worldwide and large scale of merchant ships for ship-owners as the compelling need to offer and master digital services with the comfort expected by their passengers for the renters and cruise companies makes the maritime and transportation market a huge application field for the latest IT and telecommunication technologies.

The recent introduction of new technologies like the electronic beam control or the metamaterial antenna couple with the latest virtualization technologies and the new generation of satellite communication open a new world to the maritime industries.

 Marinefish.50.fwInnovation for the boating market

This new era will not limit itself to the maritime industry traditional market. Wireless and mobile technologies have changed our way of life during these last 15 years, creating services, new needs, communication features and comfort which nobody would want to give up today…

With more than 89 Millions of regular boaters, 12 Millions of registered units and 800.000 registered units for Florida, the US boating mass market needs in terms of communication, connectivity and comfort services given by the latest technologies is an extraordinary innovation field.

Remora Marine is born from the double will to help the traditional maritime market to catch up by applying its expertise to this specific sector, and the will to put on the boating mass market innovating and affordable products.

The Se@link line development perfectly illustrates this position.