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Consultingfish.50.fw Two Dedicated Companies

Remora Consulting which is dedicated to our traditional IT markets offers all the major services a customer can expect to meet his needs in terms of IT Management and Technical Expertise.

Remora Marine, deeply connected to the Group is exclusively oriented on the Research & Development of innovative Maritime Communication products embed all the technology and the expertise acquired by the group on maritime mass-market dedicated products.

The starting development of the Se@link Line is the perfect demonstration of our aim and expertise.

Marinefish.50.fwThe most convenient location

The location choice of our companies in Fort Lauderdale owes nothing to the hazard. Concerning Remora Consulting LLC, our offices in Cypress Creek is in the center of the Florida IT major actors, like Microsoft, located in the same building, Citryx, Sprint and a lot of others with which we always have strong sales and technical partnerships.

But, this location is also the perfect place to launch a maritime business and product line for Remora Marine, as Florida is undoubtedly the world capital of yachting, with more than 800.000 registered boats, and the biggest and most famous boat shows in the world with the Miami International Boat Show in February, and the Fort Lauderdale International Boat show in November covering seven locations and over 3 million square feet of space… Other minor events like the Suncoast and St Petersburg events are also a right and convenient way to advertise on our researches and products.

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