Consultingfish.50.fwMobility as the heart of the Business

Digital transformation and mobility go hand-in-hand. Whether it is providing a seamless service to the customer when they want it, where they want it, through whatever channel they choose, or enabling workforce mobility, the digital enterprise must also become a mobile enterprise.

Adopting mobile technologies is an imperative for the maritime sector companies. Organizations can now equip sales and field-based service staff with enterprise applications wherever they are. This liberates their workforce to engage more effectively with the customer in their own home or workplace. Employees of digital businesses are able to exploit the same mobile capabilities that they do at home or socially within a safe and secure enterprise environment. This is even more true in the maritime sector where employees are away from headquarter and its Information System the most part of the time.

For many CIOs, this has meant a steep learning curve. Cautious about the impact of dynamic online platforms on security, support and infrastructure, they have seen individual departments side-stepping them and buying their own digital systems. This has had a detrimental impact on IT spend both in acquisition and in the subsequent provision of an enterprise that can support uncoordinated digital and mobile expansion.

What’s needed is an effective mobility offering: one that allows CIOs to lead the organisation through digital transformation, rather than follow in the steps of consumerismed IT in the workplace. Remora Consulting can help. We have more than 20 years’ experience of helping our clients improve their operational efficiency, transform their IT and innovate with digital and mobile solutions.

Consultingfish.50.fwCloud Computing, IOE, BYOD, Global Access : the proliferation of devices challenge 

We work with our clients to assess their maturity and enterprise mobility capability, helping them to shape, build and deliver a Managed Mobility Service. We understand the need for tight central control of staff IT entitlements and costs relating to mobility. We advise on how to control and manage the proliferation of end user devices used to access working environments.

Our solutions both support new ways of working and ensure data security. They make it possible for organisations to respond quickly to opportunities and events with access to systems and data from anywhere. They embrace strategy and policy development as well as physical mobile device management.We work with the CIO or other relevant people to develop mobile applications that differentiate the business, for example workforce management apps for mobile and remote teams.

From strategy to implementation and management, we put mobility at the heart of the digital enterprise, helping our clients to develop new market segments and enhance the customer experience.

Consultingfish.50.fwStrong technical skills and experience as an imperative in heterogeneous networks mastering

A successful integration and transformation to the digital enterprise cannot be realized without a global view and knowledge of all communication network technologies. Remora Consulting benefit from more than 20 years experience in network deployment,integration and management and work independently with the major manufacturer and One Tier of the market, building strong, efficient, reliable and secured networks for international and local customers. For this, Remora Consulting masters wired and wireless technologies, deploying them on a wide range of manufacturer products like :

  • Cisco System,
  • Juniper Networks,
  • HP,
  • F5,
  • Ipanema,
  • Expand,
  • Riverbed,
  • StreamCore,  
  • Kemp Technology…

But, it is not sufficient to implement and deploy the communication needs of the Digital Enterprise. New needs, global access, data sharing among partners, customers and providers challenge the security of the new information system generation.

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