Consultingfish.50.fwMastering the functional and technical aspects of your Information Systems

Technology is evolving at unprecedented speed. In the last 10 years, IT has become all-pervasive and it’s changed the way we work, socialize, consume, communicate and conduct our lives.
The Cloud has inspired new ways of thinking about and engaging with IT. It’s no longer necessary to make a big up-front investment to enjoy powerful business applications. You can simply download them from an online app store or pay as you go online. Even powerful infrastructure is available by the hour. Mobile technologies grow faster and more flexible, transforming productivity across the workforce, just so long as security risks are adequately addressed.

Remora Consulting masters the functional and technical aspects of Information Systems and Digial technology. As a privileged partner, our aim is to help you reach new levels in your development and competitiveness, by looking for the best ways in which you use them to reach sustainable growth in your operational and IT performance in times of great innovation and business transition.

 The Remora Team has over 20 years of experience of helping customers meet their business challenges and can support you by many manners. That could mean managing your current systems, just like we do today for many household names; or working together to understand the most beneficial way to transition your business and technologies.Working in partnership with you, or Team will help you face the future positively, and give you the confidence to make a successful journey from legacy systems to the Cloud.

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Consultingfish.50.fwDelivering the right strategical guidelines and solutions and ensure your IT infrastructure delivers

To achieve this mission, Remora Consulting offers you a large portfolio of end to end solutions, from functional aspects and processes, to to technical integration and projects leading.

  • Governance and Project Management Office. As Information System transformation and large scale projects needs sometimes particular skills for a limited time at the governance role, Remora Consulting offers to its customer the opportunity of perfect matching between your technical needs and  the correspondent management profile.
    Our team is strongly experienced in this type of mission, helping customers to lead large scaled transition projects.
  • Consulting and Infrastructure Management. The new IT landscapes are creating opportunities for competitive advantage, with today’s users increasingly dictating what technology they need. Meeting these demands in the face of shrinking budgets and rising concerns about energy efficiency and network security, can be a real juggling act.
    Increasing technology complexity just adds to the headache. So if your infrastructure is not up to the job, you simply will not be able to deliver. With our end-to-end approach, we offer a comprehensive range of Infrastructure Consulting and Management services which ensure you keep pace with these challenges, meeting the needs of your organization with innovative solutions.
  • IT System, Networks and Security Audit and Expertise. The success of internet 2.0, the development of the cloud storage and computing, and the emergence of the BYOD enable companies to increase their competitiveness in giving access to their customers, partners and employees to their systems anywhere they are and with any devices. This need to open even more the systems can endanger the internal systems and datas with ungranted malicious access either from the inside or outside the company. To counterpart those risks some specific security elements were integrated giving birth to more and more complex IT architecture.
    As a right vision of the future and and the more accurate recommendations cannot be delivered without a perfect knowledge of the existing systems and architecture, Remora Consulting proceed to valuable and accurate audit of your actual systems and networks.
  • Project Study and Leading. Before any new evolution or new service integration, a study helps to check the technical feasibility of this evolution, the technology and the methods to use, the level of satisfaction that will meet your objectives taking into account the constraints of your existing system.

But the Remora Experience doesn’t stop on these subjects. In order to follow you on your projects, Remora Consulting acquired great expertise in a large range of technologies.


Consultingfish.50.fwA large technological expertise to address your needs

To address your specific needs of expertise, Remora Consulting acquired strong expertise skills in the following subjects :

  • Information System Architecture and Engineering, Cloud computing and Virtualization
  • Network Architecture and Engineering, Routing, Switching, Wireless Communication, Virtual Networks
  • Data Storage,
  • Systems and Network Security, Strong Authentication, Cryptography, Network Access Control, Firewalling, PKI, SSO
  • Disaster Recovery Plan and High Availability
  • Identity Management