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As an experienced sailor and Business Manager, one of the ambitions of our CEO when he decided to create the group was to find an answer at his personal consideration: “As all technologies are available, why could I not drive my business and communicate at sea in an affordable and convenient way ?”

The foundations of the Se@link project were established.

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  • Reseau300
  • Design300
  • MarineCom
  • SealinkI
  • Internetonboard
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This product line, based on the state of the art high speed wireless communication has the ambition to revolutionize the way customers take profit of their usual friendly and well known terminals and entertain when boating, but also to change deeply the way they live, work, and secure their trip at sea.

We aim to reach these specifications:

  • Unlimited Carrier compatibility, worldwide, due to the embedded electronic,
  • Multiplexed communications, one integrated antenna for multiple technologies,
  • Ever seen coverage on every embedded communication technology,
  • Embedded GPS system,
  • Limited size and weight, for deployment on any type and size of boat,
  • More durable and cost effective product lifecycle than any other competitors,
  • Embedded software compatible with any communicating terminal,
  • NMEA and WiFi Interface,
  • Affordable price to supply the boating mass-market and all the transportation market in general,
  • Open Platform,
  • Tons of plugins to deliver all the features customers expect for entertainment, communication and office purposes.

And of course, a large Portfolio of versions and price to address any type of boaters.

This project can be adapted for any purpose, placed in any vehicle for any other terrestrial used in a desired form factor, and can embedded any specific need to address a specific market.

To find out more on the development state of the Se@link line, follow us…